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Thoughts about Starlight...

It would seem that to travel all the light years away to find a star is an impossible task. 

But really, all you must do is watch in the dark. The light of the star is seeking you. It is waiting for your planet to align rightly, for a dark enough night, and for you to simply look up into the sky so that it’s light can reach you, nourish, enlighten, encourage. Its light has been journeying for longer than you can imagine in order to provide hope and clarity in this moment.  

400 Years of Hope,
Acrylic on Canvas

This special piece, done for the Advent show at Vineyard Church-Pearland, represents hope held out within dark times. I deeply contemplated Israel during the 400 years of silence, and each dot painted represents one prayer, one hope held out for the coming Light and the fulfillment of promises given.

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