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The Light Between Us Art Series

This is a complete compilation of images of this series. For detailed information about each work, click here.

Most every morning you can find me sitting in the predawn darkness, studying the “light” within the darkness and the arrival of the brighter light of day..

Something within me stirs and I feel what it is to “BE” in this space of changing light and color. 

I still count it a win when I am up before dawn, even though I awaken in varied states: tired, joyful, grumpy, achy, etc.... I sit still, sipping chai tea and I enjoy a time of coming home, a time of "communion" with myself, the divine, nature outside my window, and the universe.

In the fall of 2020, when I finished chemo and was declared cancer-free I began recovering a fuller creative life and I knew that I wanted to paint again, and I wanted to paint the experiences of my studies of the darkness and the light.  

Words cannot adequately describe what I have seen, felt, and experienced in these thousands of morning hours. It has been my hope that the works will carry with them, the starlight, the glowing grasses, the tall trees blowing in the wind, and the sacred light that arrives every morning, without fail.

Ten of these paintings were on view at Pearland Vineyard, August 8th through September 21st of 2021