lisa tenney, artist

Serene Chaos: Art, Classes, Spiritual Direction...a place to center, heal, grow, and discover

Behind every project or vision like this is the cost to make it happen.  Please consider making a financial contribution towards this project.  Your support will enable "La Dolce Vita Art Show" to move forward and succeed.

Contributions will cover various costs, especially:

  • Video (to help with communicating the concept to a wider audience)
  • Postage (Call to Correspondents and Call to Artist letters)
  • Venue (TBD)


September 2016--A Call to Correspondents letter goes out to correspondents from a particular time period.

November 1, 2016--Deadline for those correspondents to submit a fragment of a letter for use in the art show.

Novmeber 15, 2016--A Call to Artist letter goes out to Artists inviting them to create art based on letter fragments or their own correspondence with Gordon Butler

February 15, 2017--Artists must submit a 90% finished image of the art created as a submission to the art show.

Unknowns--Venue for art show & exact dates.  We are exploring public spaces that will accommodate the art and be open everyday to allow the public access.  We would like the show to be up for a month, possibly April 2017.